The 4x4 FactoryThe 4×4 Factory carries products that have won hard-earned reputations for being the best available. But that’s only part of the reason our customers keep coming back, and bringing their friends and colleagues.

What truly sets us apart is our service. Our highly trained staff have, between them, a superior range of skills that goes beyond simply bolting on products. We listen to our customers, we analyse their vehicles, we pick apart exactly what is needed and what problems may arise, and we devise plans that meet our customers’ needs now and into the future.

Our main concern is to make sure you and your family have products installed that deliver the highest possible level of safety and performance. We draw on the expertise and experience of the Muffler Centre, a known leader in exhaust and muffler systems, to give you peace of mind and confidence that your 4×4 vehicle is primed to be the best it can be.

We’re family people ourselves and we know the importance of balancing budget concerns with safety and reliability. We fully test our products and you can be confident that our installation and maintenance services are top notch.

  • Custom Modifications
  • Safety Upgrades
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Installation and Maintenance Services for:
    • Mufflers
    • Bullbars
    • Towbars
    • Winches
    • Catalytic Converters
    • Roof Racks
    • Lights
    • Suspension
    • Tuning Modules
    • Bends, Flanges and Flexi-Joints
    • Recovery Gear
    • Wheel Carriers
    • Fuel Tanks
    • Battery Trays
    • Cargo Barriers